Gas Fired Annealing Lehr

We are a leading name in the field of offering high functionality based range of Gas Fired Annealing Lehr Manufacturer in Mumbai & India. As we are engaged in Gas Fired Annealing Lehr Manufacturer, these products in bulk. A visionary and fussbudget with an affinity for imagination and development, he keeps on driving the organization to more prominent accomplishments in the worldwide market. An innovator in giving modified arrangements, he has been similarly fruitful in consultancy. We are located in Vasai, Goregaon, welcome visiting!

Each area is very much protected with brilliant fiber protection to diminish the warmth misfortune to a base. Along with these lines, low vitality utilization and one of a kind temperature conveyance can be guaranteed.

  • Incredible toughening because of the even wind current above and underneath the glass (enhanced by means of PC reenactment)
  • Low vitality utilization because of the high-grade insulation
  • Most astounding dependability because of the completely created innovation
  • Long life because of the steady development
  • Thought of explicit prerequisites of the client
  • Passing on rollers with gathering drives, recurrence controlled.
  • Warming with gas burners or warming registers
  • Complete with estimating and control hardware
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Flammable gas radiators or electrical warmers give the required sight-seeing and will be provided finished with estimating and control gear.

The lehr is reasonable for the proceed with enrichment preparing of crystal, that is, after attachment softens heating of the beautified dishes, they are chilled off gradually to finish an annealing system to stay away from inward pressure brought about by the handling.


  • 1. The structure of the lehr is made of steel, it is planned by segment by area establishment with the goal that it is helpful for transportation, and can accomplish a speedier establishment on location; particularly for the remaking client, and the reproduction time can be diminished extraordinarily.
  • 2. Great protection ensures lower vitality utilization, and consequently a lower cost.
  • 3. Air distribution ensures a uniform temperature at each zone, and increment the warmth transmission effectiveness.

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