Spray Painting Booths

Divya Engineering Products a professional Spray Painting Booths Manufacturers in Mumbai & India and auto repair tools specializes in manufacturing professional facilities such as spray paint booths, high-temperature furnace, water hanging cabinet and portable painting material. Besides, car lift, support machine etc. also provide. Our products are extensively applied in automotive production coating and car repairing. And our products are based on the idea of security, quality and service first. As ever, we serve global associates, serve the community, and return community. We are located in Vasai, Goregaon, welcome visiting!

The standard size Spray Painting Booths for auto spraying and baking, with a small system, intake and exhaust method, heating system, control system, cleaning system, Can remake the design according to your demand with Spray Painting Booths Manufacturers in Mumbai & India.

Spray Painting Booths Manufacturers in Mumbai & India

A Painting and Spray booth is the place in which the vehicle, device, the machine is painted via a spray gun with air channel working below the low pressure and supported by drying. Air received outside of the facility through the cover filter system. Paint particles held by colour stop filters and crumbled from the air. A spray booth is equipped with diesel heater and fan-motor units. In front of the booth entry, beside the entrance ramp, an element basement or excavation work, a channel joint to units for airflow is executed and placed on the equipment floor.

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